Thursday, April 17, 2008

Video: Setting up the Hook Punch

Unfortunately, this clip is short, and you may have to watch it a couple of times because there's no slo-mo option. It actually illustrates a couple of things:

  1. Using the 1-2 to set up the hook (3). The 1-2 closed up the guard of the fighter with the black headgear, and brought his hands up...
  2. The hands being brought up set up a body hook.

As was stated in this short post on building combinations: use the high-low, and inside-outside to develop your openings with combinations. If I use 1-2 (inside, straight punches) high a couple of times, my opponent will guard against it when he next sees it coming. Then, a low, outside punch (body hook) will probably succeed. The key is to throw the opening moves with conviction so that they elicit a mandatory defense. Also, this could easily be reversed, for example, I like to use a close-in body shot (hook) to set up a straight right against someone who retreats straight back when hit. If you want to learn to set up combinations, just hit someone and see what they do [Author: not to be construed as recommending the reader hit just anyone - only sparring partners with whom one has a previous relationship and history of such violence.]

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