Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today's TDA Tip: Always Use Combinations

One of the worst things you can learn is to fire single shots. If you have picked up this awful habit, unlearn it now-it'll pay off in less headaches.

Here are the disadvantages of single-technique attacks:

  • Leave a gap in timing in which your opponent can strike back. Have you ever watched beginners spar? If so, you've probably noticed that they take turns; I punch, you punch; I kick, you kick. Single attacks by even better fighters have the same effectiveness. They leave a gap to be filled by your opponent. Better to throw three or five techniques, keep the initiative, then clear.

  • Becomes predicable, leaving you vulnerable to counters. If you face someone who throws only one technique at a time, and can see it coming, it's relatively easy to time it and beat them to the punch (stop-hit), or just step off to the side and destroy their offensive timing.

  • If you choose to throw single-punch or kick techniques, you'd better extremely fast, because one technique is usually only enough to close.

  • One technique can rarely do enough damage to stop anyone. The only exception is the eye jab. Even if it hits lightly, it can stun or disable an attacker.

Here's a better idea: Use combinations of techniques. Remember inside/outside. high/low, and mix them up. Always try to finish with your lead so that you are back in your base defensive position. Back to work!
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