Monday, August 07, 2006

Severn Guillotine Variant Easy To Use

When Sam and I attended the excellent seminar by Dan Severn, one the techniques he taught which most impressed us was a variant on the standing guillotine. Let's examine it.

  1. Pull his head into your pit
    Pull his head into your pit while underhooking the other side.

  2. Underhook
    View of the other side underhook

  3. Achieve the guillotine
    Be sure to smile as you wrap your sweaty guns around his scrawny neck (if he's got one), achieving the standard guillotine, but leave your other arm free.

  4. Pop him for distance
    Quickly pop (bump) him for some distance so you can post your palm on his shoulder.

  5. Crank him till he taps!
    .. creating a base for the figure four, then do the motorcycle throttle with the arm wrapped and squeeze till he taps for mercy!

Some caveats and miscellaneous notes:

  • The guillotine isn't appropriate if you're in law enforcement, or carrying a holstered sidearm or accessible blade. See this excellent DefendU page explaining why.

  • Dan explained, and painfully demonstrated that if someone doesn't have a neck, you simply wrap the skull at the jaw area and apply in the same manner - it's actually much more painful.

Check out Dan Severn's site for more information. I'd recommend his seminar, and will try out his training materials and let you know. Back to work!
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