Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today's TDA Tip: Creative combinations

I was going over some of these with Daniel the weekend before last, and thought I'd share them. These can work in a self-defense context, or, with some modification in boxing or sport-karate. Check out these ideas (in no particular order):

  1. Lead inside knifehand, rear outside knifehand: Use the lead hand and throw a back-hand style knifehand high toward the temple, side of the neck, or collarbone, followed by a rear hand power strike with a knifehand toward the target that opens up. The key to this, as with all leads is to commit with the first technique enough so that it requires a defense. The defense ALWAYS opens up another target. In this case, the fact that you are striking from the same angle may throw off the defender, as most combinations with different limbs are thrown to different targets. Try it.

  2. Rear-hand uppercut, then down hammerfist (same hand): This works because most people rarely (if ever) thrown a downward hammer or backfist, and it comes from the same side, but an opposite direction.

  3. Lead hook, then ridgehand: Here you use the lead hook punch to the side of the neck, bounce it off the target or the guard, then whip a ridgehand to the same side. If the opponent leans or steps back, the greater range of the ridgehand will connect with maximum power, as your opponent has moved into the optimal distance for the ridgehand.

  4. Always, always, always, finish with the lead hand. By practicing finishing all combinations with the lead hand or leg, you put yourself back in your base defensive position, and you will be able to defend the counter.


P. S. If you have others, please email or comment and share them Links are welcome and I will update this post with them. Thanks!

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