Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boxing Combinations: Jab-Lead Hook Combination

Let's look at one of my favorite combinations and analyze how it works: the 1-3 (see this post on the numbering system).

  1. The lead-off fighter (blue gloves) jabs to the face (1). Notice he is pushing off the rear foot, and has his elbow high to protect against a counter straight or overhand.

  2. The lead aimed to the face bring the counter-fighter's right guard up and in. Notice that the rear foot of the lead-off fighter has slid up with the punch, and he is now in range...

  3. For a lead hand hook (punch 3). The weight has shifted to toward the right foot so that power and weight can be transferred into the target's jaw.

Analysis: Why did the combination work? Two reasons: the jab closed the gap safely, as well as bringing the guard in tight and to the inside. By switching quickly to an outside technique, it takes advantage of the guard being in the wrong place. What made this work was the convincing lead.

Caveat: If you don't throw the lead with conviction, it won't draw a parry or block, and the counter-fighter could hit you with a knockout right as you try to hook.

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