Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Respect for the Real Warriors - Veterans Day

Generations of ValorToday is reserved for one thing, showing respect for the warriors who protect our way of life, whether overseas, or here at home. We call this Veteran's Day.

Since the founding of our nation, from volunteer militias fighting tyranny to establish a republic that's an example to the world, our military men and women have placed themselves in harms way. Without our military might, world commerce, as it exists today, would cease, untold millions would likely survive under the thumb of dictatorships, the yearning in the heart of every man for freedom would remain unfulfilled.

Without question, there is a special place in the heart of our Nation for those who ensure that we remain the United States of America.

Today, I call upon my American brothers and sisters in the martial arts blogging community to join me in thanking our veterans. Take time today to express your appreciation for ensuring our freedom. I will link up to everyone who joins me.


Thanks to Patrick at Mokuren Dojo: Veterans Day 2008 Tribute
Alain Burrese starts with thanking family
A moving post at Hell in a Handbasket

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