Monday, November 10, 2008

My Hero: 89 year-old woman thwarts intruder with gun!

I love this! Via Cfnews13.comimage

PALM BAY -- In Brevard County, a quick-thinking 89-year-old woman stopped an armed neighbor who  barged into the home she shared with her daughter.

It happened Thursday in Palm Bay on the 1600 block of Seeley Circle.

Palm Bay police said Craig Robbins entered the house with a handgun and rifle, thinking he was being pursued by enemies.

Catarina Tosca and her daughter said Robbins fired several shots out the front door, but never threatened them.

Police said that while Robbins was looking out a window, Tosca grabbed his ammo clip while he was aiming out of the window and then ran from the house.

Police eventually talked the man into leaving the house peacefully. Nobody was injured.

Neighbors said the man had been out of work for eight months.

He was taken to a mental health facility.

Now, this guy was seems to be nuts, but her "cool under fire" is to be commended. It could have gone very much worse, but she may have saved some lives, including those of police officers.

She's my hero of the day!

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