Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Striking - Creating Positional Openings

I've been looking at some old posts as I contemplate a site redesign (or just some organizational enhancements), I've notice a few nuggets I want to expand on. With over 1000 posts now, it's getting harder to do that without getting them organized! One that I noticed was just a picture and small caption, TDA Training: Creating a positional opening :

Creating a positional opening: The movement around the opponent (to the left) creates an opening by moving your opponent out of position. Notice Sam's right foot is in the back, not front. He cannot defend when stance is out of position.

What I was getting at there is a tactic in stand-up striking to create openings via footwork. This is characteristic of Savate, stylistically, and is a hallmark of most masters of Western boxing, too. Here are the steps (heh!):

  • Use constant lateral and circular movement, usually away from the strong side of an opponent (or the rear hand/leg), and your opponent will begin to follow you.
  • When ready, suddenly switch direction and your opponent will take a moment to "catch up" to your movement, and that creates a positional opening where you've gotten to the outside or inside of the opponent's guard, or you may even end up behind the opponent.
  • Strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Don't try to use this tactic repeatedly, but at intermittent periods otherwise you'll become predictable and create a counter opportunity for your opponent.

A good example of this (from Positional opening and good rear hand guard - video)

For more information:

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Colin Wee said...

Hey Nat. Just posted a link from my recent beginner sparring post to this one you did some time ago.

Beginner Sparring Advice - Keep it Simple

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Thanks Colin, I've taken a look, and your post actually inspired another. The circle of blogging... :-)

Colin Wee said...

Yes! Finally someone has caught on! I get 1200+ visitors per month. You get x amount. If we start to cross post and link to related concepts we'll form a really >>tight<< network to cross promote and cross inspire content creation. :-) Good on ya, Nat!

Neill Ryan said...

Just thought I'd include this link for all those who are serious about improving their boxing footwork skills.

Hope it helps...