Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why Do We Get Hit?

Besides the obvious answer of, "there was nothing in the way," the reason is usually one or more of these three factors:
  1. You are out of your base defensive position (OOP)
  2. You are back on your heels (BOH)
  3. Improper guard for the range (IG)
Let's look at some examples.

Out of position (OOPs)In this case, Sam is out of his defensive position. From an offensive perspective, this means he is flanked, thus his guard is ineffective

I may have been backpedaling or something, but Sam took advantage of it. My guard was down and my feet were almost crossed. Not a good position.

Nothing new to add except that this body punch will "freeze" my opponent for more damage.

Back on your heels (BOH)
You can see here how flat-footed I was. That meant that slipping doesn't work, because when you slip with the upper-body only, you can't fire back effectively, block, or move because of balance issues.

Notice I am pressing the action, and trying to load up on offense, driving Sam back.

Improper guard for the range (IG)
The leadoff backhand works because Sam is kicking, and his guard isn't up & in. Remember that when kicking, you have to cover up as if your opponent is in punching range, because he could be, and quick!

Again, hands should be up

When on offense, one hand should always be back for protection/cover

In kicking range, the guard should be up and out, not in close.

Use the lead shoulder and the rear hand as a guard


Prescription- To avoid getting hit, there are several key tactics (from a self-defense, then sparring perspective:
  • Stay away - A distance of at least two arms length away from your adversary will give you time to react to his actions
  • Get behind a barrier - a desk, table, telephone pole, car, or fire hydrant can give you a chance
  • Keep something in the way - when you have a hand or foot aimed at your opponent, or a guard always between you, you lessen the opportunity to get hit. NO ONE should be able to go straight in - make them work for it!
  • Stay on the balls of your fee - this means that you can step laterally and push off to shift your weight into a counter; if your weight is going backward, you can't do any damage (only exception is the eye jab)
  • Stay in your base fighting stance - that basically means you don't let your opponent flank you, or get to an angle you can't defend; NEVER allow someone to get behind you
  • Close the gap and smother the strikers by checking or clinching - I prefer to get in and try a takedown, or clinch for a knee
  • Damage the striker's weapons - aim your elbows at punches coming in and damage the fist, and use the point of the knee, or punch to the legs as the kicks are chambered.
  • The best kick counter is to close the gap quickly with the hands and take advantage of your opponent being on one leg, or damage the supporting leg by sidestepping and using a cut kick
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