Thursday, March 29, 2007

Positional opening and good rear hand guard - video

This is a great example of creating a positional opening. In this round, Mike and I were doing lead-hand only boxing as a warm-up. We often did handicap sparring, or limited a weapon to develop something specific. More on that later. In this video, watch for the following:

  • Mike's (black shirt) rear guard is almost always up and in the way of a jab. This is a great habit to cultivate. In close, it should be on the side, but at long range, put it in front of you, as Mike demonstrates well. Not doing so is a common reason for why we get hit.
  • Watch Mike (again, the guy in the black shirt who's hitting me) circle to his left, actually gets to my centerline and creates what I call a positional opening. He did it by jabbing, occupying my guard as he moved to his left. I'd watch out for this normally, as he's moving toward my power hand, but within this drill, it's excellent.
  • Notice Mike's (that loser!) good step and slide footwork. He never gets over-extended or caught flat while he does it. Great job, Mike.
  • Notice that the other guy is coasting for a while until he realizes he's been getting hit a lot, then finally decides to do something. What a sloth!

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