Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick update

I am sitting at home waiting for the Dell on-site tech to bring me a new motherboard, so I'm trying to catch up when I can on the wife's PC (thanks Wife!). Couple of news items:

  • I have about 15 posts in the pipeline that I'll get done as time permits. Don't despair! This will also include some instructional posts and video. I am going to try out a new video host (VideoJug) to see how easy it is to upload and so forth, and will also try YouTube. I'll post the links and/or embed so you can check them out. BTW, instructional mean anything with step-by-step instruction on a technique or tactic that you can apply, with still or moving pics (also called video). I have thousands of hours of footage (literally), and will make use of it to benefit you, our loyal readers.
  • More importantly, Rick is going to be a daddy again, probably by this weekend. His lovely wife is carrying a daughter. Join me in prayers and wishes for a safe delivery and healthy mom and child. Way to go, Rick!
  • I am planning a roundtable for martial arts bloggers via a group chat sometime this month. If you are interested in participating, let me know via email. More details at CoCA.
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