Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video: Arnis options

A nice demonstration of the options available in Arnis. I'm not familiar with the master instructing here, but his skill and knowledge are evident. Enjoy.



Christian Herrera said...

The instructon on the video is Master Rodel "Smoking Sticks" Dagooc. "Smoking Sticks" because of his speed and probably the fastets arnisador in the philippines. He is also the 1st Student of Prof. Remy Presas when he started Modern Arnis in the Philippines. Master Dagooc's contemporaries include Masters Emmy Qurubin, Sioc Glaraga, and Louelle Lledo who continue to evolve and teach Filipino Martial Arts as a whole system and not just sticks. Everyone mentioned was also the first teachers promoted by Prof. Remy Presas to 5th Degree in Modern Arnis in Manila before he went to the USA to promote Modern Arnis.

Anonymous said...

Excellent instruction from a very knowledgeable and funny teacher. 'Everything is a weapon': yes, absolutely and this guy is a lethal weapon all unto himself regardless of what he holds into his hands. His speed and agility are nothing short of amazing and the more impressive given his advanced age. I like the incorporating of locks into the weapon system and it all flows nicely. Adapt to your opponent: locks are devestating up close and when coupled with strikes but you must learn to flow with his energy (similar to sticky hands training in JKD or WC or hubud in kali) otherwise it won't work. This guy knows more about lockflow than most the Japanese JJ instructors I've seen.

My respects guru,


Nathan Teodoro said...

Thank you both for the comments. Well said!