Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Link: VideoJug

I was going through old email and I found a marketing email from someone at VideoJug, a collection of "how-to" videos by experts on different subject matter. There is a VideoJug Martial Arts section, too. Of course I looked, and our TDA Training instructional videos weren't there (so how expert can they be???), but you may want to check them out anyway. For a taste, I am embedding a sample:

Bas Rutten's Escape From A Triangle Choke

Anyway, despite the missing TDA material, check them out here!

There's also a Boxing section, which I'll have to check out.

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MARKS said...

Video Jug seems to be a good website. I was not aware of it until you mentioned it. Thanks for the link!

Nathan Teodoro said...

I am just here to provide bird dog services for my friends! I will try to find more useful sites and information at every turn! :-)

Bob Patterson said...

Yeah they spammed me too and I added them to my sidebar. I think I even featured their taekwondo stuff in a post a few months back.

I may have to see if they added anything new.