Saturday, April 05, 2008

TDA Saturday Blitz, April 4, 2008

It's Saturday, and I'm waiting for the results from my daughter's second Irish dancing competition. Here are a few worthy TDA Blitz items for you. - Nathan

Another reason to change karate school policies and for parents to watch out for their kids. Another karate instructor molesting his students. "The karate Long Island instructor made sexual photos and videos of himself and children using hidden cameras in his home and karate school, according to police. The respected figure in the martial arts community was arrested October 11 2007. A 13-year-old student had reportedly told his mother and then police that he'd had sexual contact with his instructor in his apartment in Ronkonkoma." Via Martial Arts Sources (a great source of MA news)

Why we should secure the borders! Via Hot Air

Another great post by Chiron, Lineage and Tradition. "First things first- not everyone studies martial arts for the same reasons. I have no problem with people exercising or learning a culture or testing themselves in the arena. It is what it is. I have a little problem with people who think that all of those things- fitness, culture, sport- are the same. Worse when they delude themselves into thinking that those skills equate to either combat or self-defense (and those two are not the same, either). I don't have a big problem until people start teaching that they are all the same. Even there, though, it is not a huge problem- delusional people teaching other delusional people things that they will never test is like any other religion: a big problem, but not my big problem. Anybody offended yet?"

Steve reminds us of why we should wear headgear when grappling, and nice pointers on the standing guillotine, too!

Black Belt Mama's Admired Martial Artists Month has been completed, and is magnificent. Please go here to read the posts by her esteemed guests.

Big Rick Fryer's MMA Weekly Wrap-Up feature here at TDA Training has been a great addition, and has attracted a lot of the MMA fans that we may have neglected. Check them out: MMA Weekly Wrap-Up category

Fight Geek is one of our newest links. Check it out for "News & Training from the 404 of Smack."

It looks like the Dojo Rat has started videos again (I love how he uses that concept to the fullest) on Small-Circle JJ finger locks. Also, check out his YouTube channel here.

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