Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Passion, insanity, murder, tragedy

I guess I'm kind of glad that I still have the capacity to be shocked.

Sheriff: Teens planned attack for month - USATODAY.com

EMORY, Texas (AP) — A high school couple forced to break up spent a month plotting to kill the girl's parents before her mother and two younger brothers were fatally shot and stabbed in a weekend ambush, according to records released Monday.

Charlie James Wilkinson, who had been dating Penny and Terry Caffey's 16-year-old daughter, told police his girlfriend wanted her parents dead because they forbade their relationship, according to Rains County Sheriff Department investigators.

"Wilkinson stated that he and (the girl) were in love and the only way they could be together is to kill the parents," the arrest affidavit stated.

The daughter, Wilkinson and two others are charged with three counts of capital murder each in the massacre before dawn Saturday at the Caffeys' secluded home. The girl has not been identified because of her age.

The statements depict a bloody spree that began just around 4 a.m., when Wilkinson and a friend broke into the house and are accused of firing shots at the parents while they slept. Wilkinson and Charles Allen Waid are then accused of going upstairs and fatally shooting 13-year-old Mathew Caffey before stabbing 8-year-old Tyler Caffey with a sword.

It seems like every day we hear of something being done to children by their parents, or parents by their children. Just sad.

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Anonymous said...

Lethal Injection is too good for these animals. All need to pay the price including the 16 yr. old piece of shit that allowed even her own brothers to be slaughtered.

Chris | Martial Development said...

What is the solution to the problem?

Nathan Teodoro said...

To be frank, this is a spiritual problem. My opinion is that this won't be solved by earthly means, but only by God, if He exists. In some cases, we can only say that the victims have gone on to a better place, and pray that it's true. Human lives only have such value because we are imbued with a spirit that can only come from above. That does demand justice, but also forgiveness.
Ultimately, the solution is love.
Confused? Or am I making sense?

somaserious said...

Spiritul problem, perhaps, but what about just a human problem? This happens all the $%^$ing time it seems. These kids have no morals, nothing to fall back on, which is the spiritual problem. The human problem is the values that they lack, the respect for human life. Our society today is so far away from itself that children are growing up as drones who need to look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain way. I grew up with that too, but it was so much more innocent in the '80's. Too much violence in everyday TV, video games, all of it. Parents play a role, too. Where are they when their kids need to talk to them? I'm not blaming the parents in this situation. They obviously felt the relationship was destructive in some way. Teenagers are tough to raise, so let's raise them with compassion and the ability to think for themselves.


brent said...

thats real niiiiice,
i hope it was all worth it to them since the dumb b*tch and her idiot boyfriend will never be together again, wow some ppl are so careless, boyfriends can be replaced.. your family can't so hopefully they're all put to death=]