Monday, March 03, 2008

MMA Weekly Wrap-Up for the week of 3/3/08


With Anderson Silva's crushing defeat of the only person anywhere near his ability, Pride Champion - Dan Henderson, the burning question around MMA water coolers this week is "Who will Silva fight next?"

There just isn't anyone left in the 185lb division who can pose a challenge to this man. Even against a real pro like Henderson, Silva opened the fight with a load of powerful head kicks (something not seen often in MMA events.) Even while caught in a side mount and taking hammerfists and elbows during the first round, Silva looked calm, relaxed, and composed.

The second round opened with more head and leg kicks from Silva, who quickly regained momentum. After a clinch along the side of the cage, Silva was able to land a knee kick to Henderson's head and drop him to the mat.

After a bit of ground and pound, Silva took Henderson's back and methodically stretched him into a rear naked choke. The fight was ended by submission with seconds left on the clock. Henderson put up a fantastic fight, but right now Anderson Silva's on the top of his game.

With no one on the radar for possible competition, many of us are hoping that Silva will pack on some serious weight and jump up to the Light Heavyweight Division.

There we could see him go up against the likes of Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, or Quinton Jackson. How cool would that be?!

So just how does someone like Anderson Silva get to be so good? Well, we've uncovered top-secret video of Anderson's training routine, and well he seems to look a lot like someone familiar... we just can't place it... but that "Yeeaaaaaaw" does bring back some memories...

(Remind me to never to snap a wet towel at that guy!)

Other results from UFC 82 include:

Heath Herring defeated Cheick Kongo by a split decision (Close fight!)

Chris Leben defeating Alessio Sakara by TKO in the first round (Leben got in a lucky punch... okay about 50 lucky punches!)

Yushin Okami knocked out Evan Tanner with a knee strike in the second round.

Jon Fitch beat Chris Wilson by a unanimous decision

Andre Arlovski defeated Jake O’Brien by TKO in the second round.

Luigi Fiorvanti defeated (make that destroyed) Luke Cummo by unanimous decision (I love "The Assassin, but he really looked awful - Things could have been much worse.)

Josh Koscheck defeated Dustin Hazelett by TKO in the second round.

Diego Sanchez defeated David Bielkheden (who actually quit due to punches!) in the first round.

And finally, Jorge Gurgel defeated John Halverson by a unanimous decision.


The IFL opened it's season on HDNet this week, with three title fights. (I don't have HDnet, so I can only give you the results.)

For the Lightweight Championship, Ryan Schultz defeated John Gunderson to retain his title

In the Middleweight Division, Ryan McGivern defeated Matt Horwich in a unamimous decision to take the title.

And for the Heavyweights, Roy "Big Country" Nelson TKO'd Fabiano Scherner to retain his title.

There were also several 'Camp' matches. For more information, check out the IFL Website.


Also announced at UFC 82, Brock Lesnar will fight MMA legend and just inducted Hall of Fame member, Mark Coleman on August 9th in Minneapolis.

As points out; What's in it for Brock?

Coleman may be a bit old, and Lesnar is a bit big, but after that rather humiliating loss to Frank Mir, you'd think the UFC would put him up against a little less experienced. Like Lesnar, Coleman has a wrestling background, he's fought the best, and even as an old guy - he can punch like nobody's business!

I realize that the UFC doesn't want to put a big name like Lesner up against just anybody, but Coleman doesn't seem to be a good choice if your trying to 'groom' him for bigger fights. (Just a thought, but who's Kimbo Slice lookin' at these days?)


Strikeforce USA is gearing up for the next big MMA fight to take place in San Jose on March 29th with MMA legend Frank Shamrock taking on the kickboxing sensation, Cung Le in a mixed martial arts event. The event will be televised on Showtime.

There's a lot of debate over who will win this match. (I'm a big Cung Le fan and stickin with him.)

Most Shamrock supporters argue that Frank has the grappling advantage as well as ring experience. I disagree.

First of all, Shamrock was always better known for his ground and pound than for any actual grappling ability. He can hit hard... real hard; but that's about it.

Second, Cung Le is one of the hardest working and smartest fighters around. He wouldn't get in the ring unless he'd been seriously training his ground game. Not only that, but don't forget Le's awesome takedown ability. Shamrock better be ready for a battle because Le is no joke.

With that in mind, here's a 'mockumentory' put out by Shamrock on

All I have to say about that is "Whatever."

(Oh yeah, and Shonie Carter is getting fat.)

Anyway, with that note of wisdom, I'll leave you for another week.

Check us out next week when we return to bring you the "Best of the Web" in MMA.





Nathan Teodoro said...

Great video finds! I love the Anderson Silva towel chucks! He is the class of the division, and for my money, all of the UFC (pound for pound). Being a muay Thai practitioner, I love watching his transitions from range to range, and technique to technique. Makes it look easy versus the best in the world.

MARKS said...

I think Frank Shamrock will be having a tough time aginst Cung Le if he hopes to fight him standing. As far as on the ground is concenrned, I really dont know how good Cung Le is but he has got some excellent throws and takedowns showing he has trained in the grappling arts also. Im sure this will be a great fight, and I really cant say who I think will take it. But whoever loses,it will be there first lose for some time.

Rick Fryer said...

I became a big Cung Le fan watching him fight live in Chicago at the Shidokan.

At the time, I thought that axe kicks were worthless in kickboxing; you just could never get close enough to land them without eating punches.

Then I saw Le drop one on his opponent in the middle of the ring. It was incredibly fast... one second Le lifted his knee, the next the opponent's head exploded like a volcano! We didn't even know what Le hit him with until we saw it in slow motion on the overhead video screen. Really impressive.

I'm looking forward to seeing Le in an MMA fight. I wonder how his good his ground game will be?