Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Submission mastery - Genki Sudo




Jason Couch said...

We are all one! Genki Sudo is my favorite fighter: I have a shirt that just has three illustrations on it, which are his tattoos.

No one has recognized it and said anything in public yet, but when someone does, that person will become my new best friend.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Small world, huh? I loved watching how easy he made it look, and almost pitied his opponents. He's in a class by himself!

Let me know when you get a new best friend, though.

Rick Fryer said...

Wow! I love that clip. The flying triangle is my favorite move in all of sports; better than a slam-dunk in basketball, even better than a base-leg roundhouse kick in Muay Thai.

Although slam-dunks and base-leg roundhouses are intense, they don't involve the risk that a flying triangle does. If you miss a slam-dunk, for instance, you just miss a basket. However, if you screw up a flying triangle, you place yourself in serious trouble (as Genki Sudo shows about 58 seconds into the clip when his opponent escapes the choke and nearly side-mounts him.)

The flying triangle is a no guts - no glory type of move and I've never seen anyone do it so well.

Thanks for turning me onto Genki Sudo... I'll be looking for more of his super fast grappling skills.