Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today's Quote: Nathan Teodoro on hurling

"I'm going to hurl on you, I'd better stop." - Nathan Teodoro

The aforementioned quote, in context:

  1. Nathan Teodoro, after not having trained since July ('07, but who's counting) decides to show up at a local school, and "work in" to an MMA class for something to do, and to jump-start his training and avoid becoming a complete slob.
  2. Nathan Teodoro found out that he can't complete three minutes of skipping rope without stopping about three times or so. Not cool! I mean, in the opinion of this impartial reporter, that's not adequate, and is shameful. Yup.
  3. Mr. Teodoro jumps into the standup/takedown round with the instructor and does OK, scoring some nice leg kicks and a good takedown or two, but gets a quick axe kick for his trouble, and a nice roundhouse toe to the belly. Teodoro has to wear boxing headgear, (which he hates!) and can't see on the periphery. So far, so good.
  4. Next round is a ground only round with a great kid named Logan who's 70 pounds lighter than me, and much younger. Side control achieved? Check. Mount achieved? Check. Ground pound commences! Check. Then... Nathan Teodoro chambers another punch at Logan's barely protected head, then casually mentions, "I am going to hurl on you, I'd better stop."
  5. The near-hurler takes a round off, then goes to the mat with a grappling specialist, Kurt, who's got some real BJJ training from a black belt and all and is quick and in shape and young and not old and fat. The match is interesting for about 90 seconds or so, then, with Kurt on top in side control, tapping the side of Teodoro's skull with the side of fist as Teodoro lays there thinking about how to stop from hurling. Round over as the pre-hurler concedes his out-of-shapeness and takes the rest of the round off.


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Bob Patterson said...

Hurling could be a new self-defense move. I'm just sayin'...


MARKS said...

LOL. Its always hard to get back into the swing off things. Especially when sparring.

Jason Couch said...

It happens to us all, man, it happens to us all.

I was just out for five weeks with a rib injury. I can "rest" while kickboxing, but throw in some takedowns and grappling with it and I'm seeing stars after awhile.

Patrick Parker said...

Ha! funny. I've been pushed to the point of near-pukage by an old-school judo guy doing high-speed uchikomis with me so I feel your pain...

I am going to a mock tourney this weekend as part of my pre-coming-out-of-retirement-back-into-competition-resolution so It will be interesting to see if i have to compete in the old-fat-guys division or the young-hardbody-brownbelt-with-something-to-prove division.

I'll try to remember your grace and strive to not puke on my opponents.

Dojo Rat said...

I know, it's been a very long winter for the Dojo Rat also. Back to conditioning for all of us fat old Black Belts!

Nathan Teodoro said...

HEY! Why is that posts like this (mocking the host of the post) get the most comments?!!

Thanks for the empathy, and Bob, you could be right; it worked this time!

Patrick Parker said...

I guess the topic of puking and hurling just brings up something primal from the pit of the black belt animal... ;-)

Rick Fryer said...

A common martial artist mistake. Our brain still thinks we're 21 (and in shape) but our body knows different.

We get in there to spar, 'cause let's face it, we love to fight, but one round in and we're all out of gas. Even worse, is the next morning when muscles we didn't even know we had begin to hurt.

There's only one cure; swallow the pride pill, pick yourself up, and get your butt back in the gym. Start slow, strive for steady improvement, and stay consistant. Before you know it, you'll be rolling with the youngsters once again, and winning.

(If that doesn't work, pull out some of the 'old dog' tricks on 'em!)