Friday, September 29, 2006

Stray dogs - another good dog attack link

DefendU covers the question of how to defend stray dog attacks in their Q & A section, and, as usual, covers it very well. Please read the whole thing. Also reference our previous posts (here, here, here, here, and here) on this subject, it may save your life. Salient points:

  • "carry a rattan cane or stick. I have seen a case where a person intervened in a dog attack with a stick and successfully stopped an attacking Pit Bull. "

  • "consider carrying an umbrella. They are useful for thwarting an attack. When you open the umbrella and position it between you and the dog, you are hidden behind the fabric and the dog is bewildered."

  • "DON'T RUN! The predatory instinct in most dogs (some are more "prey driven" than others -- some are "food driven") will cause them to chase you and they can run decidedly faster than you can. You will be dragged down and mauled."

Read it. It's good. Also check out the entire DefendU program. I have never taken it, but based on their Web material it's probably good.

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