Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Man Kills Attack Dog with Knife

This BBC story of a dog attack illustrates one serious point: You don't want to get attacked by a dog.
A man stabbed a dog to death after it attacked two women in Devon. Kayleigh Thorton, 20, from Plymouth suffered severe arm and leg injures and was taken to Derriford Hospital for surgery. A second woman was also hurt.

Three men had tried to drag the bull mastiff-type dog off the women before Chris Davis, 23, used two of his mother's kitchen knives to kill it. Mr Davis said he went to help after hearing one of the women's screams. "Another man was already using a big stick, but the dog just wouldn't let go and was dragging her up and down the path," he said. "There was blood everywhere and it was like something from a horror movie." He added: "The guys were screaming, the girl's screaming so I ran in home, grabbed two kitchen knives from my mum's knife block, and ran up there. "The girl - she saw I had a knife, and then she started screaming 'Stab it, get it off'. "I didn't want to hurt the dog, I just wanted to get it off the girl. So I stabbed it in the head and one of the knives snapped so I grabbed the other knife which I had and started stabbing it in the back. Mr Davis described the dog as "huge and angry" and said it had "gone berserk". He described how he stabbed the animal about 20 times before it started to stagger and released the woman's arm. "I've no idea who the woman was, but her screaming will haunt me for a long time," he added. Mr Davis said the dog collapsed and died while the woman was being taken away to hospital.
Notice that:

  1. Three men couldn't pull the dog off the woman.

  2. It was only after stabbing the animal about 20 times that the dog released the woman.

This jibes with this previous post, and this one.

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