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How to plan a training session - free planner template

This is what I use for planning a training session. I will explain each area. Please email me (see link on the sidebar) if you want me to email a Word template file so that you can use it yourself. The only thing I ask is that you don't sell it, otherwise I'll come after you!

First of all, I email this out a couple of days before the training session after reviewing video of the previous session.

I use the area in red to remind my students/partners of something important.

Group Training Objectives: are broken into:
Review: Items to review from the previous training sessions. This could be from last night, or last year. It should be something that needs reinforcement.
Teach: Obviously these are objectives for new techiques, tactics, or strategies that should be incorporated. They can be as broad as concepts, but should also be very specific. The specificity doesn't have to be on this part of the planner, but should be known or attached for student reference after training.
Demonstrate: This should be a time to show how something they have learned can be used, or what they may learn in the future. Give your students something to think about on the way home, and to be excited about for the future. This is your opportunity to show off in a way that encourages further study.

Training Agenda: This is where you put each bullet point form the Group Training Objectives. Put them into the logical sequence for the class/workout. Make sure that you have a little more material than the time you think you have. Also, plan out the important things first.
I like to have a warmup, then cover:
  • review items while you're fresh
  • then drills (while still fresh)
  • Sparring (getting tired)
  • Burnout (I will post on this later for examples)
  • Stretch and demonstration. During the cooldown/stretch, talk about what you've learned together and make suggestions for improvement and drills for the next training
Does this help? I hope so. Please send that email if you want this in Word.

Back to work!

TDA Training Planner

Day, Date, Time:

Scheduled Participants:

Saturday, 8/12/06

Nathan, Sam, Daniel

A heavy Gi or BDU top is now required! Coordinate on airsoft weapons for disarms

Group Training Objectives

Training Agenda


1. Warm-up – includes falls & strikes, shrimp


· Clinch

· Front takedown and with leg hook to mount

· Rear takedown to mount

· Escape the mount, trap & Roll

· Escape the mount, Shrimp to Guard


· Hip throw to Straight Arm Bar

· Arm push and roll to the rear mount, rear naked choke

· Front Guillotine, stand and sit

· Bent Arm Bar from the Mount and cross mount

· Straight arm bar from the mount


· Vertical punch to the solar plexus


Action Items – Nathan

· Keep hands up, even when they're on the run. You're getting hit with flailing shots

· Work in locks, throws, and sweeps

· Feint and fake more – practice what you preach

· Keep the lead aimed!

· Circle!

Action Items – Sam

· When one hand is striking, the other needs to be guarding

· Never move straight back – stay on the balls of your feet to move laterally

· Aim through the target

· Plan your clear before you engage

· Counter me by feinting and drawing my counters, then hit me when I miss

· Stay in, or always return to, your base fighting stance, you're getting hit when you're out of it

· Clear to the side or in at a 45-degree angle, behind the opponent

Action Items – Mike

· Feint and fake!!!!!

· Double and triple every lead hand.

· Turn in the hip for the Thai Kick, and work on the front kick a lot

· Exhale and tense the abs when getting hit to the body

Action Items – Daniel

· Work on closing the gap with leads, doubles & triples, misdirections, feints and fakes

· Work on leg-kick defense – checks, flex in, stop-hits, and cut kicks. Takedowns later.

· Drill lateral footwork during sparring

· Learn the fine points of Thai clinch, knees, and defenses/counters

· Protect the groin!


· For defense, and to improve using one side, drill with one hand tied to the body.

· Drill fighting with both hands tied for defense

· Don't bang your knees together when you ukemi on the hip throw

· 2/3 on 1 sparring [9-4] – hands

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