Friday, June 02, 2006

Fake Lead to Roundhouse Knee

This is an example of using a lead-off technique as a setup, and taking advantage of tendencies of your opponent. Let's say your opponent always slips your lead jab to the outside, or, as in this case takes a step back.

1. Make sure you commit completely to "sell" the lead. If you don't cause your opponent to react, you're going to eat a counter!

2. I intentionally miss, placing my lead hand behind the head, and drive forward with my rear foot (right), and try to place it as close to his lead foot as I can (past it is actually best).

3. Latch onto the back of your opponent's neck with your hand and pull into the roundhouse knee. Remember to either clear or follow up or else you'll eat some counters.

Be sure to look at this as an example of how to integrate the knee, defense versus the knee, using it as a counter, and another approach to it.

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