Friday, June 02, 2006

Non-violent Postures

If you are attacked, will you be able to assume your fighting stance? We are all used to assuming a position advantageous to us, and disadvantageous to our opponent. In sparring, or drills, we calmly wait until our "partner" is ready, then, at a predetermined time or signal, begin the drill or sparring. That ain't how a real fight's going to start. As an attacker, I want to have some sort of advantage, either real or apparent. I will create that by some combination of:

  • superior numbers

  • weapon(s)

  • surprise (sneaking up on you or distracting you)

  • intimidation (verbal or non-verbal)

If I were the defender, what is the best strategy in terms of position or stance? If I "put up my dukes," will that increase or reduce my chances? Is it best to look tough or intimidated? This this Tony Blauer article may give some answers.

My suggestions are drills. You need to drill versus superior numbers, weapons, surprise/distrations, and intimidation, or all of the above. I also suggest not telegraphing by assuming that cool-looking stance until after you've gotten back to the dojo to tell everyone about it!

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