Monday, August 14, 2006

Research on Safety of MMA and Boxing

Eddie Goldman of No Holds Barred posts links on the research now available on the relative safety of MMA and boxing. I, too, have always heard that MMA should be safer than boxing because bouts can end in submissions or chokes, as opposed to a fighter absorbing so many blows to the head or knockouts, which always result in damage, many times permanent.

It seems that the new rules and officiating changes in MMA bouts have changed the emphasis to striking, and that supposed safety gap may have narrowed or changed completely. Read
the article and links for more.
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Allen said...

Looks like you guys take training seriously. Where are you guys located?

Nathan Teodoro said...

We take our training seriously, but not ourselves (or each other). We are a small group training together and doing seminars from the Manassas PD. Unfortunately, we can't accept additional students or training partners, currently, but if that changes, we'll let you know.- Nathan

peterson said...

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