Monday, August 14, 2006

Comments On, but Moderated

I am now moderating* comments, due to the decision by a particular commenter to use the feature as a personal soapbox, rather than for its intended purpose. I appreciate all views, and can tolerate even those with which I disagree, in the great traditions of free speech that most of us share, but this is not an open forum. I appreciate the hundreds of regular readers to this blog. and want to hear from you, and so will specifically solicit comments from time to time on some posts, but they will always be welcome (on all posts), as long as they are on-subject, and meet acceptable standards of civility. Sometimes I may post on politically charged subjects which will raise an eyebrow or a few hackles, but that's when you should craft a well-written, and persuasive argument against my view, tell us why you agree, or add a point which wasn't covered (or covered well). That's how we do it.

*From now on, comments are reviewed, then posted. There will be a delay of a few hours, at times. Be patient, as long as they meet the criterion cited above, they will get posted.

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