Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Straight right counter-Shoulder roll to Knee

This is a nice counter - it neutralizes the straight, and they lead-off fighter's momentum takes him into the technique.

1. Roll the right hand. Remember to keep the guard hand up.
2. "Latch" the neck. Even with boxing gloves on (MMA gloves in the example), you can do this.
3. Thrust the roundhouse knee into the face , thigh, or trunk.

After the counter - knee as many times as you can - transition into a slashing elbow strike to the head, or Thai clinch to dish out more punishment. Never just let go - think CLEAR safely!

1 comment:

SenseiMattKlein said...

This looks like a great technique Nathan, follow it with a guillotine choke with your right arm if the guy is a crackhead and needs to go to sleep.