Friday, February 10, 2006

My Favorite Martial Arts Films

In general, I don't like martial arts films, unless they're a spoof or comedy. Ever since I started teaching, martial arts films didn't seem "real" enough. The exceptions, in no particular order:

Above the Law - Steven Seagal showed us what Aikido really is - a deadly art. This had so much authentic technique, which I don't think had ever been seen in quite this way. The only thing that comes close is Under Seige.

Enter the Dragon - Just because of the cast- Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, etc. Lee's charisma is what this highlights for me.

Code of Silence - The fight in the bar scene is probably the most realistic I'd seen, up until that point. Chuck Norris kicked butt for about 30-seconds, when a bunch of bad guys worked as a team. They tackled him, held him, then beat him to near death. The rest of the film is typical, but that scene stands out. Also Chuck works out in the gym and looks pretty sharp!

Bloodsport - The variety of styles had never been seen like this before. Van Damme showed a lot of charisma and originality. Both he and Seagal went down hill from these films.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - A beautiful fable, which uses martial arts only as part of the setting. Like ancient Chinese mythology brought to life. I loved this.

Iron and Silk - Unbelievable, true story of a man who studied martial arts for years, then tried to find a true, Chinese "master". He succeeded. Rent it.

Anything Jackie Chan is on this list, too. It blows my mind what he can do!

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Got any favorites?

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