Saturday, February 11, 2006

Training Log 2006-02-11

The gang's all here!

This was one of the first times we've had everyone here for training. We started right on time (new 0800 hours time), and Mike and Bobby were way early and almost had everything set up by the time Sam and I got there. I will be in a lot earlier so I can get the camera set up, and my gear on.

Bobby has almost all his gear- just needs goggles and knee pads. Mike's going to use some old SWAT gear.

Mr. Sam covered a warm-up, then went over basics with Bobby- stance, movement, and guard position (hands). I went over basic boxing combinations with Mike, then we all covered the front kick (rear-leg, offensive front-leg, and skip-front leg. We then covered the Thai kick to the calf and thigh, then whipping elbow to the head. We finished instruction with Thai kick defense - leg checking versus calf and thigh targets.

Because of officer testing, we had to clear the room before 0900 hours, so we just did a couple of rounds of sparring. Bobby looked fine- he adjusted his guard, from what I can tell, and was aggressive with the leg kicks, but his technique got sloppy when sparring. More drills needed. He needs to build muscle memory. I think he should stay away from sparring for a few weeks, except possibly some burnout - builds toughness and endurance. Mike and I gave Bobby a lot of openings, and he seemed to be pretty confident.

Mr. Sam's footwork (going to the left) and defense are both tightening up. When sparring, I'd like to see more with his left-it leaves less openings, and more clearing. Also, more circular movement (away from the power hand.

I need to work on integration of all the techniques in the ranges, and slipping in side kicks, high kicks, and spinning/jumping techniques when prudent. I need to fight smarter, not so hard.

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