Friday, February 10, 2006

Where are they now?

Mr. Dave Woody, Mr. Keith Jones, and some guy! [Circa 1992]

I've worked with, and trained with many excellent black belts over the years, but these two were among the best!

Mr. Keith Jones was a superior fighter, but an extraordinary forms specialist. He taught me many concepts and techniques for performing and teaching poomse. Of all my instructors, he was the one from whom I have probably gained the most. He taught me to respect point fighters (as he was one), and how to control (don't laugh!) my power, coming from a kickboxing background. He tested me up to Yi-Dan (2nd degree black belt) in Jae Kim's TKD. Mr. Keith was also a Christian, and set an excellent example to me of what a Christian martial artist is.

Mr. Dave Woody was one of the most precise technicians you'll ever see. I often just watched as he taught class, and his technique was near flawless. Short in stature, he utilized his height and speed to overcome many a taller fighter. Dave was a good friend, and co-worker, then became heard instructor of one of my schools.

Both these men are warriors and gentlemen, in every sense. They both taught with a compassion , patience, and empathy that I wish I possessed. I miss them both, and wish them well.

Where are they now? I wish I knew!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones instructs at Karate Experts in Fairfax City. You can reach the school at 703-877-1313. He's still an awesome teacher; we're lucky to have him here.