Friday, February 10, 2006

Training Planner for Saturday, 2/11/06

Group Training Objectives

1. Mr. Nathan warm-up (5 min)
2. Bobby: basics. Mostly stance, guard, and movement, then defenses
3. Teach the elbows – drills and targets (Thai pads)
4. Thai kick and defenses to the legs
5. Sucker punch defenses with follow-up
6. Spar with knees, front kick, and roundhouse.
Nathan and Sam with all techniques.
7. Burnouts with knees and body kicking. Burnout rounds will be 1:30 (in effect 3:00 rounds with 1:30 rest). No breaks between. 2 full rounds each (6 min!)
8. Cool down - Demonstrate arm bars, wrist & finger locks
9. Stretch (5 min)
Note: We will be wearing goggles, MMA gloves, and footgear for entire training

 Learn the warm-up
 Review basics of boxing, open hand, front kick, roundhouse, knee techniques

 Elbow strike [Handout]
 Thai Kick [Handout]
 Sucker punch defenses
 Basics of combinations
 Feints vs. Fakes

 Arm-bars [Possible handout]
 Wrist locks
 Finger-locks [Handout?]

Action Items – Nathan
 Keep the lead aimed! - Circle! Practice what you preach there. Don’t allow opponents in without paying the price.
 CLEAR more consistently. Plan it before you close the gap.
 Cover up in close. Check, too.
 Uppercuts to the head
 Lead off with the back hammerfist and fingerjab
 Mix in overhands more, and don’t let someone clinch if you don’t want to rest.
 Get behind the opponent and counter, then clear.
 Simultaneous slip & counter, or stop-hit
 Don’t get hit so much, use your footwork!!!

Action Items – Sam
 Fire through the target with the rear-hand – remember the power of a cross or straight comes from turning the hip, turn the rear shoulder in, then weapon (cross, straight, overhand, knifehand, etc.). Remember the power comes from the legs and trunk. The only thing the arms do is provide snap and extension.
Recommendation: drill making sure the rear heel is turned out completely when the move is finished. Do it slo-mo for a few dozen reps.
 Drill defensive kicking as a counter/stop-hit
 Work on how to put together hands and feet for combinations. Right now, they are not being used that way.

Action Items – Mike
 Work on lead-off techniques to get in. You are too open.
 No more slow lead. I love when you do it, cause I can always connect by countering with a right over the top. Watch the tape!
 Still need to work on defending the knee.
 Work on integrating the techniques and using them at the appropriate range – it’ll take time.
 Hit the shield to get the range on kicking.

Action Items – Bobby
 Stance – lined up too narrow, with the front foot and back on a straight line. Prevents you from being able to move laterally. This is suicidal!!
 Proper guard position. DT guard position doesn’t allow you to fire an effective lead, only defend.
 Learn the basic offensive striking techniques

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