Friday, January 20, 2006

Training agenda for Saturday 1/21

This is the plan:
0730 hours - Set up the room - Darren, Bobby, Mike, and Mr. Sam. I will set up the camera and training materials. *Please arrive with your gear on (as much as is practical). See previous posts on this.
0740 - Training starts. Mr. Sam will lead a warm-up
0850 - Start burnouts
0900 - cool down and stretch
0915 - You should be done (in more ways than one!)
Training objectives:
  1. Learn the warm-up
  2. Review/learn the basics of boxing, front kick, knees, and Thai kicks
  3. Drills on sucker punch
  4. Arm-bars
  5. Finger-locks
I expect to get through, at least, 1 & 2. If we need to hold over the rest, we will until next Sat. This is dependent on being there on time, and starting on time. I will demonstrate 3-5 if we don't have time, to give you a taste.
Darren and Bobby: IF you decide you're going to do this (after Sat), you will need to get with me to order gear, or go buy it yourself. We can talk afterward.

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