Saturday, January 14, 2006

Numerous thoughts on our training

  • Mike- Work on a lot of shield and bag work with the front kick. Not confident with the range, so you need to be hitting something. Time the shield coming at you, and hit the bag just for range.
  • All of us need to constantly emphasize circular footwork when not engaged. Don't just stand there, and don't got straight back. It's OK to close straight in, but never clear or retreat straight back. Clear at an angle. Constantly circle. If you're not leading off, you should be circling to disrupt the rhythm of the opponent-don't let him get set.
  • Mr. Sam- recommendations: fire through the target. Practice hitting a target glove and x-ray paper to get used to fire through a target. Also, much drilling in the air will help.
  • Drill a ton of techniques with control on a live person, and, every training session, hit the pads or shields so that we don't get used to controlling a technique and corrupt our reflexes and muscle memory. As far as hand techniques, use the palm strike (aim for the forehead in training), use open-hand strike and knife-hand to the side of the head and back of the head, ridge-hand, topfist punch, and hammerfist. Also, hook to the side of the neck.
  • Start to work in the following:
    Leg kicking
    Checks and releasing from the check
    Grabbing and striking
    Lever block and vertical hammerfist
  • We need to work on one self-defense technique per training
  • Teach the back hammerfist as a good lead-off technique
  • Teach the techniques to the body: hook, open-hand, palm strike, forearm, elbow
  • Constantly drill hand speed
  • Sam and I need to start using Thai, roundhouse, side, and back kicks now.
  • Drill the lift, snap, and roundhouse kicks to the groin as a target. Practice defending the knee to the groin.
  • Drill transition from the roundhouse knee counter to locking up. Also, on the knee, don't hold back. Throw and contact with it to all targets except the face.
  • I need to start grabbing more - use it for creating openings, and to disrupt the opponent's offense.
  • We need to use good control, but make sure to throw everything with out reaching.
That's all for now

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