Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Elbow: Best infighting weapon - don't you agree?

Note: You must get elbow pads now!


Sam Bertolino said...

The elbow is I think the most powerfull short range weapon. Shots to the head are devastating with it. I recall throwing at least one to the upper ribs duuring sparring, too.

Nathan Teodoro said...

I agree. If you look at the training log post from that day, you'll notice that I mentioned your elbow to the body. It wasn't on tape, though, which was disappointing. Seems like we always have a lot of good action to the blind sides of the camera. Remember when you hit me the the 540-degree roundhouse, then as I was staggering, dropped into the splits and fired the dragon punch to my groin? Well, it's not on the tape!!!!