Saturday, July 06, 2013

Nice tips on training kata

"Creative Ways To Train Kata" at Martial Views. 


Aaron Sher said...

I have a problem with his comment "Do the kata 100 times in a row. Uh, no." *Knowing* kata has no value whatsoever. If you don't train them repetitively, you're wasting your time learning them. I have a feeling that this is why a lot of people feel that kata are useless - because they don't put the time in to get value out of them.

If you've never done it before, take one of your kata and commit to doing it a few hundred times (depending on the length of the kata, a reasonable number could be 100 or 1000). Pay attention while you're doing it, don't just repeat it on automatic. By the end, you'll find that you've discovered a lot of subtleties in the set that you didn't know were there.

Mark Deacon said...

We don't teach katas at our club as were more along the sporting side but agree any movement I want students to perfect i will drill them 100s of times on it so it becomes natural, Kata or not repetition is the key to perfection.

Unknown said...

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