Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is Self-Defense A Right?

In the light of many things that have happened in the past couple of years, I ask this question. Is self-defense a right? Since we are all either martial artists, warriors, or have an interest in the same, let's answer and discuss this critical question. Consider this an open thread.

Let me add to the question:

  1. Since the beginning of understanding, and the basis for communication is the definition of terms, what is self-defense?
  2. What is a right?
Please feel free to opine, and do your best to give reasons for your opinions. All non-SPAM comments will be approved. I will be responding at the end of every day, Eastern time. 

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Kids martial artist said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,

I believe self defense is a right. Not a privilege. In a time like today's society, a lot of people depend on others to defend themselves such as the cops, police, etc. However, they don't know how to defend themselves.

Unlike our ancestors who NEEDED to learn self defense to ensure the safety of their family and themselves.

It's really sad.

You can reach me at martial arts NYC if you agree.

www.kyokushinblog.com said...

Is self defense a right? Absolutely.

If someone tries to harm you then you are well within your rights to stop them using justified force (of course what is "justified" is its own sticky wicket).

To your questions:

1. "What is self defense?" - The defense of yourself and others.

2. "What is a right?" - Without getting into all the legal (since I'm not a lawyer) a right, to me, is something that which cannot be taken away from you. Something you own from birth to death.

My reasons for the above:

1. Defending yourself naturally extends to those in your family or social "tribe". This definition, if believed by a strong number of members, provides a layer of protection which helps the "tribe" succeed.

2. The reason for this one comes from my gut. Just a feeling, you know?

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