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Nathan Teodoro

This guy shaves his chest for no one!
The primary author at this site is Nathan Teodoro, an eclectic martial artist who has been teaching since 1986, and training since the mid-70s. He is quick of foot and hand (for a man of his girth), but said to be slow of wit. His teaching experience includes teaching kids and adults in a commercial studio environment for over 10 years, and continuous teaching of women’s self-defense, as well as special programs for the public safety and law enforcement community for over 20 years. 

Nathan's teaching experience includes Combatives (based on the US Marine Corps MCMAP and Army MACP programs), muay Thai, Western Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts (including Doce Pares-style Arnis), and Taekwon-Do (ITF and WTF styles). His training experience (in addition to the above) includes RBSD with numerous instructors, Canton Wing Chun, Isshin-Ryu, freestyle wrestling, Taido, Krav Maga, Aikido (Yoshin), as well as Ju-Jitsu* (Wally Jay's Small-Circle, BJJ, and traditional), and Judo.*  

Married to an incredible woman who, eerily, resembles a particular Frederick's of Hollywood model from the 80s, with two great children, Nathan loves hitting and choking people in various ways, long walks, sunsets, and reading. His interests include history, animals, and corny guy movies. He prefers more expensive beer and coffee (in case you need to bribe him) , but will settle if needed.

Contact Nathan Teodoro

Nathan may be reached for seminar or private training consultation via email at TDATraining@Gmail.com. Good beer and coffee may be sent at any time, no questions asked.

*Limited (less than a year)