Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend happenings and interesting links

  1. I’m actually going to be performing a memorial service this weekend. It’s at the request of my mother, and for my grandmother’s service. Am I a pastor? Not even close. It’s Sunday, right after lunch.
  2. I can relate to this Stormbringer: RULES FOR DATING MY DAUGHTER
  3. Ohio Cop Saves Infant's Life - POLICE Magazine
  4. I want this! Did you know I have a flashlight fetish?
    The last flashlight you'll ever buy
    Unless you’re planning on patrolling the streets with your great grandchildren at your side, the Light For Life PC3.300 from 5.11 Tactical may be the last flashlight you ever buy
  5. Really nice post by Colin Wee: Allowing Rank to Simplify Our World
  6. Cool little post about Anderson Silva
  7. Another tragic off-duty death. Call it in an move to safety. 
  8. Officials: Soldier kills deputy, then self in Ga.
  9. Yoga and Stretching Help Relieve Back Pain


SenseiMattKlein said...

Good stuff here Nathan. "rules for dating my daughter" was a hoot.

Yoga has kept my back pain-free for the last two years. Good article.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks Matt. I'm thinking Yoga might be a good idea for me, too.