Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recommended Reading: Blogging Sites

So, as promised to the Facebook and Google+ folks, I'm updating this page and will post every time I do. I'll make specific posts for very notable sites, but want you to see this one as a group.

CategorySiteDescriptionWhy I Read It
BloggingBlogger in DraftThis is the official blog for Blogger in draft. Read the latest news and post comments about drafted featuresCause I use the Blogger platform and it's great news and info.
BloggingBloggingTips.comArticles and news that interest both new and experienced bloggers with topcs ranging from promoting your blog to design and coding as well as industry news and views.
BloggingPerformancinga home for professional bloggers and a place where those new to blogging have a one-stop resource with tutorials, analysis, tips, metrics, plugins, themes, jobs, monetization tools and a community base to share ideas & build strategic relationships.
BloggingProbloggerBlog Tips to Help Make You Money 

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1 comment:

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Added Copyblogger to the list on the Recommended Reading page, thanks to Patrick Parker for the suggestion.