Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Blitz

Just some snippets of interest:

Ross Training has a good video of a young Tyson training, and the work ethic that made him the youngest heavyweight champ ever. Equally as impressive is how quick he fell when the work ethic changed. Training lesson there?

Scott Phillips had a great post I want to make sure you don't miss: Rough and Tumble. Great information on consensual fighting in colonial-era America. Read it, and realize how lucky you are to have MMA/NHB now, as opposed to "wrasslin" then! Good stuff!

Bob Patterson has a very good Striking Thoughts post on the Wing Chun similarities to push hands.

Semper Fi! Charles James posts about the debt that Isshinryu practitioners owe to the U.S. Marines who contributed to the incubation this great art:

"If not for the Marine Corps and if not for the dedicated students, all Marines, there would never have been Isshinryu. Even if it were created it would have possibly died on the vine with out that participation from the Marines who joined his class. Those Marines who helped to start it all fostered a relationship between Soke and the Marine Corps. They got him the contract to teach Marines, they helped to build the dojo where they practiced, and they brought it to other Marines through out the world and especially in the United States."

Via Military Motivator

Justice served! Read.

Last, Boot to the Head's old feed died, and if you, like I, were wondering why you saw no updates, that's the reason. For those of you who are patiently awaiting that boot to your head, re-subscribe here:

Buh bye, for now...


Bob Patterson said...

Nathan -

If you are perusing my old posts I now have concerns for your mental well-being.


Regardless, keep up the blitz. It takes me to blogs that I may not have on my normal feed list.


Nathan Teodoro said...

Glad to oblige. More on the way. Still catching up from my absence:
Doing dishes, washing laundry, changing the kitty litter(!), and Blitzing!

Scott said...

Hi Nathan, thanks for the link, I add you to my blog role!
Keep up the great blogging.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks Scott. Ditto!