Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recommended Reading: Straight to the Bar

Straight to the Bar is the elite site for news, training information, and great writing on "all things strength." Most combat athletes now cross-train for strength and power in many ways, including weights, including bands, kettlebells, free weights, and machines. STTB is a great way to keep up with what works, and learn from the best. That's why they are now in my Recommended Reading list.

Straight to the Bar includes great posts every week on strength and power training methods and feats, and has a great community on their forum, and Twitter chats. There are also free guides to using equipment that you may have never tried. Like me - I'm planning to start kettlebells

My only critique is that the site sometimes loads slowly, but it's worth the wait! 

Incidentally, STTB has asked me to become a contributor, and I've accepted, so look for some posts there in the near future, which I will link back to TDA Training.

Check out the whole Recommended Reading list.
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