Thursday, May 19, 2011

TDA Interview of Bob Patterson?

I’d forgotten about this interview of the now famous (since he’s guest-posted here recently) Bob Patterson of Striking Thoughts. For some reason, Bob’s guest post didn’t make a big splash then, but now that he’s a celebrity, I’m thinking we’ll see him linked with Lindsey Lohan, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, and others in some way. If not, there’s always next year!


Craig Willits said...

Hmm...learned a lot about BP by reading this.

He's definitely become a blogging super-stud since those days, although he's not quite the near-deity Nathan is (sorry BP, it's Nathan's blog, so he gets the shameless sucking-up).

I wish him all the perks of fame, but I sincerely hope he doesn't wind up that closely linked with Lindsey. What with her being in jail and all, it could affect his image.

Any votes to see him change his Blogger meme to a picture of Justin Bieber? Just for a couple days!


B said...

My only comment is this: I was much more handsome back then.

Nathan Teodoro said...

What's interesting about that interview is Bob's perspectives on his prior training, and how his TKD views changed based on his experience of sparring with a good TKD competitor.

I had a similar experience once with a TKD player, and learned a lot from the experience.

I will look for him in the tabloids, though. :)

Craig Willits said...

He should start hanging out with Crisc-O-Sensei. He'd be in the tabloids for sure.

And if he's lucky, Pasta-san might actually teach him the mystic secrets of the snap front kick.

Can you say years of blogging material! I knew you could!

B said...

Pasta-san? LOL. Craig: You will have to start charging 'cause I'm stealing that one too!

Craig Willits said...

You're not stealing - I give it freely.

More to come. The juice just keeps on flowing!