Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I Hate Craig Willits and His Upcoming Guest Post

Craig Willits: What a jerk!
Craig Willits of Martial Arts Spectrum did a short series on core strength in March, and a post that was cryptically named, “Core Training, Part 2: Measuring Strength and Stability.
What a crock!!! (Yes, that deserved three exclamation points!)

Here’s the long and short of the situation.
“the U.S. Army is dropping sit-ups from its revised physical fitness test.  The Army did this in response to a study that a soldier's ability to perform sit-ups or crunches didn't accurately measure true core strength.”
He goes on to explain that there’s a “simple test that easily be performed by just about anyone, with a standard that doesn't vary with such demographic factors as age and gender.”
Here’s where we part ways!!! (Again with the three exclamations! This guy has really gotten under your skin, hasn’t he, Nathan?)
He said it can be performed by:
  • “just about anyone”
  • “easily” Easily?!! and
  • “doesn't vary with such demographic factors as age and gender”
So how does he explain that yours truly, a formidable martial arts Tyrannosaurus Rex, feared by almost all students with less than a year of training, had the following result. Picture the TDA Training secret compound living room scene:
Me: hey honey, I just read that the Army has changed their fitness test for core strength. Check this out.
TDA wife: Have you tried that before?
Me: Nope. But this should be a cinch. I’m a formidable martial arts Tyrannosaurus Rex, feared by almost all students with less than a year of training.
TDA wife: [barely able to contain laughter, then loses the containment battle] Baaahahaha!
Me: [Me, shaking and quivering after 1:45 or so] Whatever! This is hard! It’s for the elite Navy SEAL special forces! [story quickly changing]
TDA wife: Wow! That must be hard! You only did about 2 minutes, I think. Or was it 1:30?
Me: [Shakes head] The this high tech equipment can’t be right – it did only say 1:30, but I think I started it really late! Whew! I’ll need a couple of more weeks of training before I’m ready for some SEAL missions. Now, why don’t you try it, honey? [smirking]
TDA wife: Ok, but don’t laugh. Is this how? [assumes the position without any hesitation]
Me: Yup. Heh heh. Just wait until after 1:00. It’s going to get shaky! [kids come over to see what the commotion is]
TDA wife: I’m not feeling anything – are you sure I’m doing this right? [passes 1:30 with no shaking]
Me: Uh… [silence]
TDA wife: [passes 3:00 with almost no shaking at all, then stops] Are you sure I did that right? It doesn’t seem to do anything.
Me: [goes outside without saying anything, shakes fist in the sky and shouts] Damn you Craig Willits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Craig's stupid test
Ok – NONE of the above is true, and It’s only to promote the upcoming cool post by the great guy, Craig Willits of Martial Arts Spectrum, which is going up tomorrow. On a serious note, Craig is an active instructor of kids and adults in Virginia, and teaches arts such as TKD, Krav Maga, Vee Arnis Jitsu, and police defensive tactics, while emphasizing and teaching conditioning. His post will surely delight and inform you, as well as, uh, me.

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