Sunday, March 06, 2011

Martial Arts News at Striking Thoughts

In the early days of martial arts blogging, back when we finished sparring, and wrote the posts in our own blood, then sent it to the Web via a caravan of Mongols who made it to the host only after massive casualties, yeah, in those days, I made some early friends doing this. Several of the early guys, John Vesia at Martial Views, Patrick Parker at Mokuren Dojo, the Dojo Rat, and Bob at Striking Thoughts have kept on keepin’ on even when I slowed the pace to a crawl.

Here at TDA Training, we did a series of posts called TDA Blitz, which was way cool, but didn’t keep it going. Our successor was the Martial Arts News at Striking Thoughts. If you don't already, please check out his Martial Arts News series. Bob has generously linked and mentioned this blog so many times over the years, that I can’t really give him enough credit, so won’t try. I will recommend you check out his news, and his blog posts. If you ignore his lefty politics, it’s a great blog!


Bob Patterson said...

Guilty as charged.

These days I'm trying my darnedest to keep the politics out.

That will probably last all of three months. ;-)

Nathan Teodoro said...

Bob! That was tongue in cheek, for sure. I'm in the same boat, and am willing to agree, disagree, or ignore anything, and appreciate you saying anything you want on your own site.

I just think it's great that you are continuing to study with such a humble spirit, blog openly about your experiences and lessons, and share your opinions. Without qualification.