Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Solo training–key to progress

This post at Just at Thought (a very nice Karate Blog by our old friend and Karate instructor Michelle, highlights one of the greatest opportunities missed by many: Solo training.

As I commented on the post, most progress is made on your own, especially when you are first learning, in my opinion and experience. The students who wait for class before breaking out the gi are those that make slower, more incremental progress, and often get frustrated. I often saw students leap ahead and out of stagnant periods when they made a little time and analyze their own techniques at home.


Michele said...

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the mention!


anthony said...

I absolutely agree, I always tell people to train in order to train. The classes are to only give you a blueprint. you will perform better if take homework with you

SenseiMattKlein said...

People in the fitness industry say, "Get a training partner, it will motivate you to go and work out". I say, rubbish. If you cannot motivate yourself to stay fit, especially when your career depends on it, you will not achieve your goals. This goes for any activity, not just fitness or martial arts.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks everyone. Sorry for the late response.

Michele, my pleasure and honor! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anthony, you've made my point better than I could. The blueprint can't do the work - it's just a map.

Sensei Klein, thanks again for the regular interaction here. Great point about the wide application about this lesson.