Friday, August 11, 2006

Airsoft Pistols for Tactical Training

We are planning to start using Airsoft tomorrow for disarms (in the beginning). I admit, I haven't started looking for drills oftactical skills yet, but has a nice article. Read it.

Diagram from
Airsoft Pistols for Tactical Training
What if there was a better way to both introduce gun safety and shooting skills (especially to women)?
What if it could also aid in developing Tactical skills, yet was safe, quiet, inexpensive, and legal?

Well, if you hadn't guessed by now, the answer to all these is the AirSoft Pistol. By the very fact that it is "not a gun" it will put people at ease in handling it, yet it is enough like a gun in the way it looks, loads, and chambers that important firearm safety skills may be taught with it. This can be done nearly anywhere, indoor or out, since the plastic 6mm pellets will not break glass or damage walls.
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Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not a very good idea to train people how to use real firearms with airsoft guns. They may look very similar and feel fairly similar, but they behave totally differently. Once a real pistol is cocked, the hammer can be released by holding it down and pulling the trigger and slowly easing the hammer back toward the frame of the gun. This does not work on an airsoft gun. If you are going to start peole out with something that will not fire, invest in those blue plastic dummy pistols. They have no moving parts, but they also do not give the operator any misconceptions about how a pistol works.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Agreed. It should only be a supplement to real firearms, but can be used to simulate situations where live ammo would be deadly.

Patrick Parker said...

A new related article on Mokuren Dojo:

Sure would like your comments and advice on this one, Nathan.


Anonymous said...

actually in quality airsoft pistols, they behave mechanically like real steal guns. i owned airsoft pistols and they behave exactly like their real steal counterparts. so this is not a good reason for not using airsoft

scott said...

i am a huge airsofter and have pistols, rifles, snipers and love it. i love the tactical part of the sport and i believe it can teach a lot to people who are going to use the real steel. military and police already use airsoft guns for training--so why would civilians not do it?

Anonymous said...

i live in australia, so airsoft guns, bb guns and all that are illegal. but if we were able to use airsoft guns in our training i'd jump at the chance. actually i think our instructor has one at the dojo but we've never used it

Anonymous said...

Cool picture of an airsoft gun! I recognize that picture from, I get all of my airsoft guns from that site.

Anonymous said...

I really interested with this airsoft guns. Civilians like me should try this training,thank you..

Anonymous said...

we use squirt guns

wholesale airsoft guns said...

I love airsoft guns!!!

Charisma Combestra said...

Too light, though the magazine has a better weight to it.


Anonymous said...

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