Saturday, May 01, 2010

The best movie kicks of all time?

Just had to share this one: Ikigai has  The Top 7 Kicks in Martial Arts Movie History up at his site. What do you think. I suppose some of our TDA Training videos should have made it, but got no consideration. I know, an outrage, but that's Hollywood politics for you.


Colin Wee said...

Bloodsport would rank as a classic all time favourite competition type movie. For pure nerve and freshness - Nico, Above the Law. For fantasy violence and unexpected quality - Gyver, THe Dark Hero. :-) Colin

Matt said...

I've always had it out for you and your crew. This was a subtle way of showing that.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Colin, I agree with you up to the Gyver- never seen it!

Matt, I knew you were undermining me from the start! Very passive-aggressive! LOl.