Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Violent Handshake Response – Kelly McCann

Has this ever happened to you? Someone turns a handshake into an attack? How can you respond?

What do you think?


FredInChina said...

Great video, I like the thumb locks!

There is a great danger due to the proximity of the aggressor and the difficulty to escape.
Head butt punch to the face with the other hand, knife, kick or knee to the groin or abdomen, low kick kick to the knee, all are possibilities.

Keep in mind that the escapes and locks demonstrated can also be applied by the aggressor once he has a hold of your hand.

IMHO, it is a situational awareness exercise - the fastest to act/react wins the day; unfortunately, I don't see how a non violent reaction can apply here: it has to be a preemptive strike.


Sam Guthrie said...

Note to self: Don't be this dude's demo partner. said...

Been hit with that thumb lock before. Hurts so much!!

Colin Wee said...

All the time I get people who look at me, want to shake my hand and beat me up! This guy can teach me a thing or two! :-) Colin

Ian said...

It happened to me once but it was just a fake attacked by my friend. But to tell you frankly, I didn't know how to handle it. I am just glad I came across your blog and I definitely learn something today. I enjoyed watching the video and I think I got something which I can apply next time.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. This has actually inspired another post. I will create it as my comment back.