Friday, February 26, 2010

You Know You’ve Been In the Martial Arts Too Long When You…

These have been around for a while, but they’re still funny!

A sample:

  • You’re practicing your arm blocks while driving down the highway, notice someone in another car staring at you, and suddenly turn your block into vigorously fanning away an imaginary fly.
  • Use various strikes to turn lights off and on.
  • Don your clothing with kicks, thrusts, and punches.
  • Open and close doors with spinning kicks.
  • Find yourself idly doing iaido and kenjitsu moves with the plastic knives at the fast food place
  • Can’t walk by anybody else from your school without casually exchanging a flurry of mock strikes and kicks.
  • Haven’t gotten over the phase of seeing everybody walking around with a blanket of little red cross-hairs on all their vital spots.
  • Head over to Sifu Craig Taylor’s site for the rest!

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    John W. Zimmer said...

    Hi Nathan,

    My instructor once told me that a student that was visiting his home made the comment that his living room was about big enough to do a kata. :)

    Matt said...

    Haha, yes these have a ringing of truth to them.

    Nathan Teodoro said...

    The scary thing about these are that we've done quite a few. They ring true. I used to use my feet to turn on and off lights, and to close (not open) doors. The awareness extremes are such good drills, that I always use them. It goes on and on.