Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going Through Life With A Cute Little Ass

Original title: Ten things I've learned by having a cute little ass. Don't worry, this is safe for work!

Me with Primo Carnera

  1. It's always referred to as, "cute." I can live with that!
  2. All the chicks dig it. Heh.
  3. Everyone wants to see it close up.
  4. Every time I see it, I get happy.
  5. It's not really good for anything. It's just there.
  6. Not as easy to manage as you'd think. Not high maintenance, but not so easy.
  7. Makes a good companion
  8. Likes physical contact
  9. Sometimes feels playful
  10. Needs periodic checkups (not from a proctologist, a vet!)

Everyone, meet Primo Carnera, the Sicilian donkey, and guardian of the TDA Training compound. Primo, meet the TDA Training readers.

Approximately 200 pounds of pure muscle, like me (except for the "pure" part), he's got an Italian background, but grew up in the States. He's named for a world heavyweight boxing champ, his namesake, and has a mean back kick and 1-2. Primo is only one - still a baby, but is already full size. You need to watch his body language, especially the pitch of his ears, as he can be a little ornery at times. Best to approach from the front, and bear gifts like carrots or apples.

He may be little and cute, but he's definitely a badass! Sorry. I just had to...

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