Friday, November 21, 2008

TDA Blitz 2008.11.21

  1. Steve, a blue belt, is celebrating his 2nd anniversary in BJJ. If you've not checked out his blog, Steve's  BJJ Log, he's one of the best at journaling and sharing what he learns in his BJJ training under James Foster.
  2. John at My Self-Defense Blog relates the story of a situation his wife successfully deterred while at church! Any place, or at any time, something can happen. This may have turned out much worse if his wife didn't respond in the manner she did. Be prepared!
  3. Really fun video of a good karate black belt versus a judo man. They are playing around, but it shows some of the respective strengths of each art.
  4.   Via
  5. You see these types of stories all the time. Marine Risks Life to Save Crash VictimsChildren in the
    Mikalik, who is the platoon sergeant for the 6th Platoon, 2nd Fleet Antiterrorism Strike Team, told his wife to call 911 and ran immediately to the scene. He opened the driver’s side door to find the driver unconscious with his legs pinned. After hearing the passenger in back, he ripped open the sliding door and assisted the injured passenger in escaping the vehicle.
  6. This is still happening in the third world, and anywhere morality and order give way to war without restraint: Children of the Great War. H/T: Mental Floss
    All armies in the Great War used kid soldiers. In the beginning of the war the enthousiasm to join the battle was so great that young boys (and even girls) could hardly be stopped to enlist.
    Recruiting Officers in all countries closed their eyes when eager children clearly under the required age - 18 years old - showed up to join their armies.
    At the end of the war children were even more welcome in the ranks, as the Great Mincing Machine continued to require human bodies with an astonishing need.
    Hardly trained the kids were send to the trenches in Belgium, France, Russia and Turkey, where they mingled with the oldier soldiers - and died with them.
  7. Low Tech Combat has a nice sucker punch drill
  8. This was some smart thinking! Victim drives sleeping rapist to police station
    A New Zealand rape victim drove her rapist to a police station when he fell asleep in his car after assaulting the woman, local media reported on Wednesday.
  9. Every cop's closest companion. Nice!
  10. The Joint Strike Fighter breaks the sound barrier for the first time! Via Military Times:
    The F-35 Lightning II broke the sound barrier for the first time during a test flight Thursday over northern Texas.
  11. The jet, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, accelerated to Mach 1.05, or about 680 miles per hour, builder Lockheed Martin said in Nov. 14 press release.

    “The F-35 transitioned from subsonic to supersonic just as our engineers and our computer modeling had predicted,” said Jon Beesley, Lockheed Martin’s chief F-35 test pilot.

    Beesley said it was also a significant achievement for a test aircraft to fly supersonic for the first time with the weight of a full 5,400-pound internal load of inert weapons.

  12. Another Steve's BJJ Post you've got to see! Click to watch!

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